No competitiveness without standardization

The increasing globalization of markets and at the same time the growth of product diversity to meet individual customer demands puts companies under high competitive pressure. If every engineer additionally uses any component he can get a hold of, profitability is seriously jeopardized.

Therefore standardization is one of the key issues for companies to limit their product costs and stay competitive in the long term.

Real world data: Average costs per part

Many companies have already internally calculated the costs for an additional component. Of course the costs vary, depending on the industry.

70% of the total product costs can be influenced during the development phase

The biggest saving potential can not be realized with purchasing prices but at a much earlier stage. By optimizing the reuse rate of existing parts and reducing parts multiplicity, you influence the expenses for your product during the development in a way that is not possible at a later point of time.

Use through standardization & reuse of parts for all sectors

Standardization allows companies to continue manufacturing a high product variety, inspite of reduced parts diversity. At the same time processes are streamlined and production and procurement costs are reduced. This results in a perfect win-win-situation for all concerned.