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It starts with the engineer - They make the decision for your product!

The decision for a certain component is primarily influenced by the engineer starting with the designing phase.

Why does the engineer make the decision?

Components or products planned into the engineer’s CAD design are usually taken over into the bill of materials (BOM). The BOM provides some of the most important information for industrial companies. They ultimately determine the quantity and type of materials ordered.

Once your product makes it into the BOM, the ordering of your product is virtually certain.

The engineer chooses the path of least resistance – Make the choice easy!

Engineers and product developers would rather concentrate on the development of innovative products. However, their daily work mainly consists of time-consuming activities such as searching for detailed product information, queries about correct production configuration and requesting CAD data from the manufacturer. For this reason, when selecting a product or manufacturer, they take the path of least resistance.

We can help you to make your products so intelligent that all the information is readily available, which will make the engineer’s job easier. This way you can stay a big step ahead of your competitors and cleverly sneak your product into the BOM of your buyers.

CADENAS survey among buyers of components

An average of 4 out of 5 downloads of 3D CAD models from your Electronic Product Catalog turn into genuine customers.

PARTcommunity supplies us with high quality leads. Approx. 80% of the requests can become customers.
Paolo Fioroni