Who controls the parts, which are created by the engineer?

If intelligent search methods are available to the engineer, the conditions are ideal that standard parts or parts preferred by purchasing are used within the design.

But what happens if the engineer does not search or only searches superficially? The parts and supplier diversity increases, self-designed parts are developed instead of using supplier parts available on the market and preferred suppliers with existing framework contracts are neglected.

PURCHINEERING 2.0: To trust is good, but to check is better!

With PURCHINEERING 2.0, an automatic service in the background monitors all parts that are newly checked in and examines whether the part really has to be created anew. If the new creation was unjustified, a report is generated over night and sent to the engineer concerned.

If desired, it is also possible to define different escalation levels: For instance, a report can be sent to the direct superior in case of triple misconduct.