Multi CAD Engineering Data

Optimal data for all CAD systems

Most engineers and designers have long ago accepted that productivity loss due to lacking CAD interoperability has become normal. According to a survey among German companies, 61% of all interviewed persons said that they are confronted with more than one CAD system in their company.

of the interviewed companies are using 2 or more CAD systems
Source: Survey parts management and product development process in the industry, CADENAS 2015

Typical Multi CAD Scenario

Reasons for Multi CAD environment i. a.

  • Due to mergers and acquisitions with other companies, further CAD systems are introduced into the organization
  • Conscious decision to support different design processes in the best possible way
    (e.g: mechanical design, electronic design …)
  • Customer specifications make the use of certain CAD systems mandatory

Difficulties due to Multi CAD in the daily design work routine

Despite the multitude of different CAD systems global development teams are supposed to develop a product from a single source. Such a Multi CAD system environment involves problems for the user as well as the company:

  • Every CAD location has its own CAD specific data pool, data can not be exchanged with other locations or systems, causing unnecessary additional effort when maintaining data
  • Several autonomous CAD data pools result in redundant parts creation and parts being procured several times in different ways which leads to higher procurement and storage costs

For companies this means a significant time and cost effort especially in the follow-up processing of CAD models.

How we support you

CADENAS has a high performing data model which makes it possible to generate native CAD data for all CAD systems. As soon as more than one CAD system is used in a company, the internal maintenance effort is reduced significantly, thus your product development team can increase the productivity.

Intelligent 3D CAD models in 380+ CAD formats

This is made possible by the intelligent CAD data of the manufacturer catalogs which are integrated in PARTsolutions. The components are available as native 3D CAD models in more than 380 different file formats of current CAD systems, such as Solid Edge®, NX™, Creo Parametric™, Autodesk® Inventor®, AutoCAD®, CATIA® or SolidWorks®.

Your benefit with PARTsolutions

  • CAD Models supply intelligent information in all CAD formats, e.g. kinematics
  • The effort caused by complicated data conversions and creating new CAD models is significantly reduced
  • Errors and delays are minimized
  • Allows optimized workflows, better cost control and a shortened time-to-market
We have six different CAD systems at Voith, but only one parts management system for all areas. The effort for standard and supplier parts management is thus decreased considerably.
Friedrich Spitzer
Voith IT Solutions