Intelligent Engineering Data

PARTsolutions by CADENAS provides you with product data from more than 700 certified manufacturer catalogs, to implement them into your design in the best possible way.

Why should a CAD model always be in a native format?

Since providing intelligent information in a STEP format is only possible to a certain extent, PARTsolutions by CADENAS offers native CAD models that can be used in your design without efforts.

Reasons for native CAD data

  • Native CAD models for maximum ease of use and functionality during the design phase, e.g. information about kinematics, work spaces, the simple simulation of designs without manual effort is possible
  • CAD data enhanced with information avoids queries on the component or complex research almost entirely
  • Better accuracy than with converted CAD data
  • Possible to regard components according to certain standards (RoHS, REACH, DIN, ISO …)
  • And much more

Example: Simulating a production line

The commissioning of a production line normally means many weeks of preparation work for the plant mechanics to get the sequencing running smoothly. Through the Mechatronic Concept Designer MCD, in combination with intelligent CAD models from CADENAS, the commissioning of technical systems can be tested virtually to coordinate all sequencing details. This immensely shortens the time between the initial preparation work to the start of production.

PARTsolutions generates intelligent parts for the respective CAD system in use, which allows the best possible processing and excludes loss of data.
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