Finding information

Get all information at a glance, without changing the system

The decision for the best possible component can only be made if all relevant information is available. According to the survey, 73% of the interviewed persons have to access more than one system to get this information.

of the interviewed persons have to look for information in more than one system to make a decision for a component
Source: Survey parts management and product development process in the industry, CADENAS 2015

Information search WITHOUT PARTsolutions

Without CADENAS’ Strategic Parts Management, engineers and purchasers have to switch back and forth between the systems. This not only wastes time, but also prevents concentrated working on the project.

Information search WITH PARTsolutions

PARTsolutions by CADENAS has a multitude of interfaces to PLM and ERP systems. Without changing the system, all business management and technical information is available at a glance:

  • Information CAD system mounting conditions, mounting space, constructive requirements ...
  • Information PLM system ranges, further documents,proof of use ...
  • Information ERP system price, availability, warehouse quantity ...
  • Information PARTsolutions geometry, weight, RoHS compliance, global sourcing, standardization, alternative suppliers ...

Thus the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions is a universal research system for engineers and purchasers regarding standard, supplier and self-designed parts.

Since now all necessary information is available at a glance in only one system – for all users – the effort for information procurement was reduced by 40% due to the Strategic Parts Management.
Bernd Postaremczak
Coordinator Parts Management
SMS group GmbH