Finding information

Not searching, but re-designing parts from scratch is no solution either

Not searching in the parts master of existing components and instead simply designing anew is tempting at first sight in a chaotic database. It seems like a short-cut now, but will lead to extra work in the long run.

Why do so many engineers skip the search? They often have insufficient search tools and capabilities, which makes the process very time consuming.

The consequence of insufficient searching or unnecessary re-designs:

  • 2D production drawings are not available and have to be created anew
  • CAM programing has to be created for later production
  • Master data files and work plans have to be created anew in ERP & PLM,
    which is very time consuming and expensive

To find already existing components and reuse them saves you and downstream departments a significant amount of time. As an engineer, how could you use this time better? What about designing creative, new and innovative products?

Why is a newly created self-designed part so expensive?

A survey conducted by Rolls-Royce shows that every additional self-designed part in consequence requires 400 additional data elements, processes and parts. The expenses for every new component are accordingly high.But also unnecessarily created standard & supplier parts cause significant costs.