PARTsolutions - A solution that pays off!

Market pressure on companies constantly increases in the mechanical and plant engineering sector. This is often countered by a growing individualization and differentiation of the products, which is a benefit for the customer but also a rise of the variant and parts diversity and thus increases overhead costs.

The procurement price is only the tip of the iceberg!

Looking at the entire life cycle of a product, the complete parts costs are much higher than the procurement price. Factors like purchase negotiations or administration costs are often disregarded. This is why reducing the parts multiplicity with PARTsolutions influences the costs for your end product sustainably already in the development phase.

Other companies already set precedent: Successful use of the Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions

Many of the world’s leading companies already rely on PARTsolutions

With PARTsolutions by CADENAS, it is possible to reduce the total product costs in development and design by 70%, which secures the competitiveness of your company in the long term.

This is why already 154 out of Germany‘s top 1,000 world leading companies rely on CADENAS’ software solution.

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