Reusing parts

Reusing parts instead of creating new ones

Every newly created part entails extensive costs. These costs are incurred throughout the course of its entire life-cycle and exceed the sole costs of the initial data creation.

How high do you estimate the complete life-cycle costs of a component in your company are?

(Data creation, warehousing, fixed capital, end-of-life replacement, etc.)

1,100 fewer parts and 1 million Euro savings at Starlinger & Co. GmbH

At Starlinger, the past trend of newly created parts was extrapolated to show the negative trend that would have incurred without PARTsolutions.


The amount of new A- and Z-parts created was decreased by approximately 1,100 parts during the observation period due to PARTsolutions.

With estimated processing costs of approximately 700 EUR for a newly created part and annual maintenance costs of approximately 100 EUR, the savings amount to about 1 million euros by reducing newly created parts and increasing the reuse of parts.