Consolidate Existing Parts World

Potential analysis for cleansing duplicate copies

Almost every company has parts in its database, which have been created several times. Most of the times these duplicate copies result from typing errors or the product has a different designation when creating it. PARTsolutions supports you, so that in the future duplicate copies are no longer an issue in your company.

  • With the intelligent search methods, even inaccurately or defectively created parts can be found, which prevents the creation of duplicate copies
  • Automatically generated duplicate reports show you how cleaned up your parts data is
of the interviewed companies have duplicate copies
Source: Survey parts management and product development process in the industry, CADENAS 2015
With CADENAS PARTsolutions we have a uniform structure in our parts information data for the first time. Due to a clear catalog structure parts can be found easily and part proliferation, that has prevailed so far, can now be limited in a reasonable way.
Eberhard Ilg
Technical Manager
ELWEMA Automotive GmbH (AIM - Assembly in Motion GmbH)