App as Mobile Solution for Engineers, Purchasers & Sales

With an individual app from CADENAS, your customers and prospects can search your Electronic Product Catalog mobile for components, configure them easily and quickly forward information to other project members (e.g. engineering).

The creation takes your corporate design into account and offers you many advantages such as:

  • Best possible service for customers and prospects with limitless research and configuration possibilities
  • Worldwide distribution of your app, thus via your product catalog on market places like App Store, Google Play and Windows Phone
  • Enables your customers and your sales an accelerated meeting culture and mobile data research during meetings
  • Modular design of the app makes it possible for you to decide your range of functions


App Features

The modern structure allows you to individualize your app as you wish. You determine your own range and the functions, for example: 3D CAD models, Search by Sketches, Full-text Search, product configurator, offer requests, augmented reality, examples of application, news, support and much more.

The App as Sales Support

Your sales will also benefit from an individual app: Mobile access to all technical information about your products makes it possible, together with your customer on site, to find the best component to solve their design task.