Protection from product piracy with the engineering data models

A counterfeit product will often not meet the expectations of the customer. Loss of image as well as a decrease of customers and profit are the consequences. Fighting product piracy therefore has top priority for most companies.

As few trade secrets as possible, as much technical information as necessary for the engineer.

Manufacturing CAD model

When manufacturing CAD models are offered for download, there is actually the risk of disclosing intellectual property because all production data is being forwarded, including production and positional tolerances as well as confidential data.

  • Contains product secrets
  • Easy to be copied by the competition

Conture envelope model

Conture envelope model are good protection from product piracy, however, they also keep the entire sales potential from being exploited. The strongly simplified 3D model only shows the outline of the product, which makes it difficult for the engineer to integrate those components into their design. Alternative providers with expressive CAD models will stay ahead of the game.

  • No intelligence
  • No kinematics
  • Useless for Industry 4.0 or other processes

Perfect 3D product data powered by CADENAS

The Electronic Product Catalog and intelligent engineering data from CADENAS have all the information, for example material, kinematics, geometry, etc., that engineers and designers need for their daily work. Your intellectual property, however, remains protected from product piracy.

  • All necessary information such as kinematics, threads and functions, and much more, is on hand

With an Electronic Product Catalog of eCATALOGsolutions technology, your CAD models show just enough information for the design process but not enough to be copied.