Interactive 3D PDF Data Sheet

With eCATALOGsolutions, 3D PDF data sheets, on the basis of individual product configuration, can be directly generated “on the fly” from your Electronic Product Catalog. Thus you can provide your customers with all the important component information of each configured part in a compact document. It‘s your decision what information should be contained in the 3D PDF data sheet.

Individual data table

All the important technical details about the product such as: Order number, holding force, tightening torque, performance, etc. are presented clearly in a tabular form.

Interactive 3D view

Integrate a 3D model of the configured component, available in any view by turning, zooming and moving. The self-imposed view can also be printed.

2D derivation with automatic dimensioning

Detailed 2D dimensional drawings with important information such as tolerances and fits can also be integrated into the PDF data sheet.

Context and configuration dependent information

Individual integration of dynamically-generated information “on the fly” is also possible, for example local sales contact depending on customer’s location, integration of technical diagrams according to customer configuration, etc.

Your Corporate Design

You decide how your 3D PDF data sheet should look and what information will be available to the customer. We will create an individual template as you wish, taking your corporate design into account.