Offering the Right Product, to the Right Person, at the Right Time and the Right Place

You know, of course, how many customers and prospects your sales force visits per week. But are the contacts with potential and promising margins for the future visited, or does the reality look different:

  • Mainly „coffee visits“ with the good old regulars, whose sales are steadily decreasing
  • Appointments for small orders that could have been done on the phone
  • Unnecessary appointments because the prospects don’t really fit into the company’s target group
  • Zig-zag route plans due to a lack of effective trip planning

Closer to your Customer with Smart Sales

The Electronic Product Catalog with its Smart Sales solution completely revolutionizes sales: Your product catalog as a 3D CAD download portal serves engineers and purchasers as an optimal search platform. Every single download supplies valuable information about the interests of the user, which is bundled and systematically evaluable by Smart Sales.

Your sales is thus closer to the customer and knows their needs. Their value can thus be assessed and the sales potential better exploited.