Benefit from our experience

CADENAS has been setting standards with the Electronic Product Catalog of eCATALOGsolutions technology since 1992. Benefit from our years of experience from over 700 successfully implemented product catalogs of ours.

We will advise you in detail how to coordinate your Electronic Product Catalog the best way with your needs and your target group. Together with you, we will work out a detailed list of requirements and with our know-how, we will help make an optimal digital product catalog for your customers and prospects.

Moveover, we will help you to recognize and react to general market requirements early on with a work group of suppliers and buyers organized by CADENAS.

In the framework of our ten-year cooperation with CADENAS, we have achieved many new development steps for our product catalog. We have been able to excite our customers with a lot of great innovations over the years.
Christen Merkle
AHP Merkle GmbH