Proven technology for digital 2D & 3D product catalogs since 1992

CADENAS has been specialized for over 25 years now in the creation, maintenance and marketing of digital product data for planning. We are thus one of the leading providers of 3D & 2D manufacturer catalogs in the field of engineering. This proven technology has been enhanced and optimized for BIM & architecture and adapted to the special requirements of those sectors.

Mechanical engineering vs. architecture: 80 % of the requirements of digital product data is identical

The difference between engineering and architecture, in regard to 2D & 3D CAD data, only seems significant at first glance: A closer comparison shows that approx. 80% of the demands made on engineering data by mechanical engineers are identical with those made by the architecture sector.

CADENAS technology, specially optimized and further developed for the BIM & AEC sector

In spite of the overlap of demand made on digital product data by the fields of mechanics and architecture, there are also a number of individual requirements for the BIM sector. CADENAS invested two years of development work in order to offer component manufacturers the possibility to provide architects, civil engineers and TGA specialists with multi CAD capable 2D & 3D BIM data. Thus the proven technology for digital manufacturer catalogs has been further developed and optimized especially for the BIM & AEC sector. And so manufacturers of building components offer their customers an optimal service, which always provides the best up-to-date product  information and data for all trades throughout the entire planning process.