Video: Baldor•Dodge shows their customers the love with new digital CAD configurator

New coupler CAD configurator gives on-demand access to digital parts for engineers worldwide

Baldor•Dodge loves their customers, and it shows. They’re providing clients with some of the most powerful digital tools in the industry. The goal: increase customer satisfaction by making their client’s jobs easier.

Check out the video, highlighting their newly updated digital cad configurator. The all new configurator helps users build, preview and download Baldor•Dodge components, on-demand, in a wide variety of styles and formats. This self-serve access is not only fantastic for Baldor•Dodge customers, but it also frees up more time for the Baldor•Dodge engineering and support staff, truly a win-win situation.

The digital CAD configurator was built by CADENAS, who has been working with Baldor•Dodge for more than 13 years. The newest iteration of the configurator is a testament to both companies objective of continuous improvement, and providing clients with the best digital experience in the industry. CADENAS specializes in helping industrial manufacturers, including many in the power transmission industry, with powerful digital tools their customers need.

See the Baldor•Dodge Coupling CAD Configurator in Action:

See the Baldor•Dodge Coupling CAD Configurator in Action:

From Baldor•Dodge:

Baldor is excited to introduce the Baldor•Dodge Coupling CAD configurator to meet customer’s needs for 2D and 3D CAD drawings. This easy to navigate tool offers drawings for close coupled and spacer versions of all of our popular coupling styles. Drawings are available in imperial and metric dimensions, and are available in over 90 different file formats including AutoCAD and SolidWorks. The most user friendly feature of the configurator is the ability to export into an interactive PDF datasheet.

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