ECLASS a short and simple explanation

This video shows how manufacturers and their customers can now speak the same language thanks to ECLASS

How simple classifications can be is explained by ECLASS in their new video. It reveals the advantages for manufacturers and their customers of having a multi-class classification system. Have a look for yourself and watch the video at:

CADENAS helps with the introduction of ECLASS

Since 2008 the German software developer CADENAS has been a regular member of ECLASS e.V. and since 2012 it has been one of eleven authorized ECLASS IT service providers. During the implementation, questions may arise about the use of ECLASS standards in a certain IT system. CADENAS, the IT service provider, offers continuous and extensive support and guidance during the transition through their Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions and help to enforce the use of ECLASS company wide.

The extent of the services offered by CADENAS includes:

  • ECLASS introduction consultations
  • Integration of ECLASS as a classifications system with PARTsolutions and SAP R/3 MM
  • The use of ECLASS in the catalog creation software eCATALOGsolutions from CADENAS
  • Classification of company parts and assemblies such as master data
  • Data cleansing support through the utilization of ECLASS as an “Identifer”
  • Business process consultation on the implementation of ECLASS company wide

A product and service portfolio along with contact information can be found here:

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