Standards in PARTsolutions

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS offers engineers access to engineering data from all the most used standard components.

An overview of the available standards can be found here:

AS 14101 CBearings, plain, self-lubricating, self-aligning, low speed, narrow, grooved race, -65 to +325 °F
AS 14103 DBearings, plain, self-lubricating, self-aligning, low speed, wide, grooved race, -65 to +325 °F
AS 21232Bearings, plain, self-aligning, groove outer ring, tfe lined, narrow
AS 21428Bearings, ball, airframe, anti-friction, extra light duty, precision
AS 27641Bearing, ball, airframe, anti-friction, intermediate duty
AS 27646Bearings, ball, airframe, anti-friction, extra light duty
AS 27644Bearings, ball, airframe, anti-friction, double row, heavy duty
AS 81820/1Bearing, plain, self-aligning, self-lubricating, lined bore, low speed, narrow, grooved race, -65 to +325 °F
AS 81934-1Bearings, sleeve, plain, self-lubricating, -65°F to 325°F
AS 81934-2Bearings, sleeve, flanged, self-lubricating, -65°F to 325°F
AS 81935-6Bearing, plain rod ende, self-aligning, self-lubricating, wide, externally threaded, steel, corrosion resistant (cres) -65 to +325 °F
AS 3418Bolts, machine, double hexagon, extendet washer head, close tolerance shank, AMS 5662, 0.250-28 UNJF-3A
AS 3420Bolts, machine, double hexagon, extendet washer head, close tolerance shank, AMS 5662, 0.375-24 UNJF-3A
AS 3580Bolts, machine - double hex head, PD SHANK, UNS NO7718 - 185 ksi
AS 21919Clamp, loop type, cushioned, support
AS 15001Fittings, lubrication, hydraulic, surface check, .250-28 taper threads, steel, type 1
AS 5176Fitting, sleeve, flared
AS 5231Fitting, plug, tube end, flareless
AS 3486Nuts, self-locking, extended double hexagon, reduced flange, dry film lube,UNS S66286, CLASS: 160 ksi/800 °F
AS 3552Nuts, self-locking, double hexagon, silver plated, extended wrench pad180 KSI, 1400 °F, UNS N07001
AS 5178Nuts, fitting, bulkhead
AS 9245Pins, cotter-cres, AMS 7211
AS 9390Pin, straight, headless, dowel - CRES, UNS S66286
AS 28775Packing, preformed - MS 28775 O-ring
AS 28778Packing, preformed, straight thread tube fitting boss
AS 3209Packing, preformed - AMS 7276 O-ring
AS 3217Rings, retaining-spiral, internal, light duty, cres (crimped)
AS 33671Straps, tiedown, electrical components, adjustable, self-clinching, plastic, type I, class 1
AS 21900Adapter, flareless tube to a flared tube
AS 21902Unions, flareless tube
AS 21907 CElbows, bulkhead universal, 45°, flareless tube
AS 21913 CPlugs, flareless tube
AS 21916 DReducers, external thread, flareless tube
AS 8791Retainers, packing, hydraulic and pneumatic, polytetrafluoroethylene, single turn
AS 9581Washers, key - 90 deg.
AS 9582Washer, key - 270 deg.
AS 5860Retainers (back-up rings), hydraulic and pneumatic, polytetraflouroethylene resin, single turn, static gland
AS 5781Retainers (Backup rings), Hydraulic and Pneumatic, Polytetrafluoroethylene Resin, Single Turn, Scharf-Cut, For Use in AS4716 Glands

Status: 06/2017