Standards in PARTsolutions

The Strategic Parts Management PARTsolutions by CADENAS offers engineers access to engineering data from all the most used standard components.

An overview of the available standards can be found here:

AN 121551-121575Nuts, castle., hex.
AN 256Nuts, self locking, plate, right angle, 250°F
AN 315Nuts, plain, hexagon, airframe
AN 316Nuts, jam, hexagon
AN 818Nut, tube coupling, short
AN 121501-121550Nuts & Plain
AN 101001-101900Bolts, hex. head, steel
AN 101901-102800Bolts, hex., drilled shank, steel
AN 102801-103700Bolts, drilled hex. head, (one hole), steel
AN 103701-104600Bolts, drilled hex. head, steel, (six holes)
AN 104601-105500Bolts, hex.head, corrosion-resistant, steel
AN 105501-106400Bolts, hex. head, drilled shank, corrosion-resistant, steel
AN 106401-107300Bolts, hex. drilled head, (one hole), corrosion-resistant, steel
AN 107301-108200Bolts, hex. drilled head, (six holes), corrosion-resistant, steel
AN 148551-149350Bolts, socket head, 6-hole drilled, .190-.625
AN 173-186Bolts, aircraft, close tolerance
AN 21-37Bolts - clevis
AN 123301-123428Rivets, solid, universal head

Status: 06/2017